You is what you is…..and that is beautiful!

I’m often asked what the pre-qualifications for Yoga Teacher Training are and my answer is this…..the only thing necessary to start the journey as a yoga teacher is the desire to help others by doing your very best from a place of love. Do you need to know the difference between upward facing dog and downward? No. You see that is what I am here to provide. That’s what the training will facilitate. The only requirement is the desire to do good, spread good, and love.

I included this quote from the movie, The Help, because it resonates with me. If I’m feeling a little down on my own abilities these words wrap around me like Grama’s blueberry waffles (even if they were Aunt Jamima). You see we all need the encouragement to know that we are worthy, that our story is worthy, and that what we have to teach is worthy to be learned.

The secret sauce to a great yoga teacher can not be taught. It is your own unique story and your ability to share yourself with others that makes you a great teacher. If you are reading this blog, you already have the desire, and I’m here to tell you that you are absolutely worthy….so what are you waiting for???

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