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Healistic Therapies

$150 / Session
$300 / 3 Session

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Make time and space for gentle touch that effectively melts away tension and stress, rebalances the body and cultivates energetic healing to allow your vibrations to reset and flow freely.

Healistic Therapy Practitioner, Donna Christensen bases your session on the Ancient principle of “laying of hands” and concept of the human body’s energy fields that are stimulated to promote wellness. It’s an emotional and spiritual transformation to help you fully inhabit your life and personal mission. The session combines several methods to help amplify the channel of energy, maintain good health and keep the body’s energy in a balanced state.

Your private, 90-minute session includes

• Ayurvedic foot bath
• Gentle touch of face, hands and feet with essential oils
• Reiki harmonizing energy
• Natural crystal healing
• Crystal tuning fork therapy to magnify and ground energy
• Beautiful gong healing bath


• Improve overall physical health
• Relieve pain & stress
• Balance nervous system
• Improved sleep patterns
• Transform & facilitate inner harmony
• Balance chakras & release energy blocks
• Stimulates glandular system
• Breaks up emotional blocks
• Stimulates all cells in the body
• Recalibrate parasympathetic nervous system
• Heightens relaxation and clear thought
• Reduces anxiety & stress

The above results have been experienced but are not promised in any way. Energy work has no religious dogma associated with it, however it can be used as a path to help you remain more connected to your spirituality, and support your growth and healing.

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AromaTouch Rest & Release Ritual

$75 / session

Embark on an all-senses journey of purposeful application of essential oils to improve wellbeing, reduce physical and emotional stress and support healthy immune system functions.

Our Certified AromaTouch Technique instructor combines the worlds of aromatherapy, movement in yoga and relaxation rituals to press pause on external stressors and reset your body and mind. This well-researched, clinical approach to applying oils along meridians and visceral contact points on the feet is enhanced with energy clearing work and restorative yoga postures that use bolsters, blankets and props to cushion your body into deep relaxation. Simple hand techniques are comfortable and beneficial for the young, old, male or female of all body types.

Your private, 60-minute session includes

• Energy clearing with sacred Palo Santo
• Supported, restorative yoga postures
• Application of therapeutic-grade essential oils
• Crystal singing-bowl therapy


• Maximize the benefits of essential oils
• Stimulate known body meridian and energy zones
• Balance nervous system
• Induce relaxation
• Reduce inflammation and pain

AromaTouch is gentle and can be adapted to accommodate sensitive skin. It follows specific guidelines for both dosage and application that make it safe without worry of overwhelming the body.

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