Week 3: Keep off the couch…

Move it or lose it. You know it. Working out, physical activity, getting your heart rate up, and your stress level down are all good for you! This week we are encouraged to not only engage in exercise but to add movement to our lives. It would be great to add 5 miles or 90 minutes of yoga to our daily lives but even more impressive would just be to add movement. I’ve been parking further away from the grocery store (all goes according to plan until I lost my wallet….getting twice as much movement!). Get down on the floor to play with the kids….they are great partners to practice your next AcroYoga routine with;) I’ve even given a pedometer to my kids…at 4 and 6 they get the idea that the more steps they take the better off they are….for me they are like puppies and the more steps they take the better they sleep. Actually aren’t we all like puppies…the more we play and move the better off we are.
A body in motion is more likely to stay in motion. How are you moving today??????? Please leave a comment and share any tips you may have for others!

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