Week 2: Get your Zzzzs

I remember being a child and thinking how great it would be when I could set my own bedtime. How late I would stay up, all the fun I would have….My 20 year old self pressed the limits seeing how many nights I could spend out on the town or up all night studying (more of the former and less of the later….sorry mom)….that was the season of life where I discovered coffee…..then I grew up, had babies and realized that the real fun comes in seeing how early I can lift my two feet off the bed, climb under the covers and rest my shoulders…..there is nothing that feels better than a good nights sleep! Week 2 touches on Getting our Zzzzs. Like our own individual yoga practices, every one has their own number of hours that they need to feel refreshed and to be as healthy as possible. In general you need at least 7-8 and not more than 10. Whatever your magic number….how do you get your Zzzs. Do you have a bedtime ritual? “52” suggests lavender, tea, dim light, and white noise. I personally like taking the breathing that we do in yoga to my bed. As you lay in bed, inhale through your nose fill your belly first and then your chest, pause, exhale through the nose allowing your chest to deflate and then your belly. I guarantee after doing this 6 or 7 times, you are more relaxed and ready to sleep. Another thing I sometimes do and don’t judge as it’s a little odd! I try to breath in through one nostril and out through the other. Truth is, I don’t know if I ever achieve this but the concentration of it helps me to relax. Be sure to share your tips for getting your Zzzzs under the comments! Be sure to get your beauty rest until our next post…..in 7 sleeps:) Nite-nite loves!

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