So You Think You Can’t Take the Heat?

Are you intimidated by hot barre or hot yoga? I understand, but I promise you can handle it. Don’t be afraid of the heat – it’s actually protecting your muscles. Our heating system is superb; it purifies the air, making it the healthiest environmental air quality available, it keeps the air moisturized, without being too humid, and it even ups the number of calories burned!

Here are some tips to help you beat the heat:

1. Put ice cubes in your water

Don’t forget your water, and take it one step further by adding ice cubes to your water bottle. The water will get lukewarm during class even if it starts out cold and ice cubes are a great way to make sure you have something refreshing to drink. Keep in mind that while the instructor will generally mention times that are a great point to take a drink, you’re welcome to do so whenever you like.

2. Eat Beforehand

Always have something to eat beforehand, even if it’s something small. I usually try to eat a handful of trail mix or a granola bar on my drive over. This will prevent you from feeling shaky -even during the toughest parts of class.

3. Resist the urge to step outside

During my first hot yoga class, I was dying to take a break outside. In my experience, going outside isn’t a refreshing break from the class; it just makes it more difficult when I return. The big wave of cool air that comes after being in the heat for so long can even make you feel lightheaded! I prefer to stick it out and enjoy the cool down that takes place at the end of class.

4. But that doesn’t mean don’t take a break…

Know your limits. When we say we won’t judge you for taking a break, we mean it. Treat yourself to a break with child’s pose whenever you like. Scale poses back if you need to. Walk it out at the barre if you need a break. Not every side will feel the same and neither will every day. Honor today’s practice – there’s no shame in taking a breather.

5. Every day will be different

No matter how many hot yoga or hot barre classes you take, some days will be tougher than others. By practicing consistently, you’ll be able to see the changes from day to day. Taking note of these changes in the way you feel will allow you to improve your practice and avoid injury.

6. And if all else fails…know that a cool cloth is headed for your forehead in shavasana.

Kelly Hall
Studio South Social Media Intern

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