THERE, I said it… born:)

I’ve never had a problem finding my voice……

There I said it. I’m a talker….I always have been. My mom says I waited 2 years to talk but once I did, I started spitting out full sentences. Needless to say that has never stopped.

I’m adding this blog to our website because…..I dig honesty. I firmly believe that honesty is at the core of all we do. Let’s be real….life is way too short to be anything else. Besides, who has the time???

At times my life has been made easier or smoother when I’ve heard someone else’s words that I could relate to. Someone else speaking their truth. That is my hope for this blog. Maybe you’ll relate, maybe you’ll laugh, maybe you’ll cry but I hope my honesty in some way helps….so THERE, I said it:)

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