Start Your Day at Studio South

Morning workouts are underestimated. Yes, dragging yourself out of bed at 6 am (or earlier!) is tough, but each time I make the effort to do it, I feel better all day long. You have a couple of options at Studio South:


On Monday & Wendesday, we offer HOT BARRE from 6:30 am – 7:15 am.

Hot barre is a great morning option because it’s a quick 45 minute workout that, while tough, leaves you feeling refreshed. As soon as I finish hot barre in the morning, I’m always eager to start my day. I have more energy all day long. Like many people, I have the hardest time getting up on Mondays. I find that when I make the effort to get to class before work on Monday morning, it sets the tone for a great week.


On Tuesday & Thursday we offer HOT YOGA from 6:30 am – 7:30 am

Hot Yoga is great on Tuesday and Thursday because it refocuses you amidst a stressful week. While my biggest challenge on Monday is usually getting up in the morning, after the week has started, I already feel like I need a break. Early morning hot yoga is my time to clear my head. By the time I get to work, I feel ready to focus on the big day ahead of me.


And on Friday, treat yourself to a morning off 🙂

If you haven’t before, try an early morning class at the studio. It’ll start your day out on the right foot. I promise!

Kelly Hall

Studio South Social Media Intern

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