Start Your Day at Studio South

Morning workouts are underestimated. Yes, dragging yourself out of bed at 6 am (or earlier!) is tough, but each time I make the effort to do it, I feel better all day long. You have a couple of options at Studio South:


On Monday & Wendesday, we offer HOT BARRE from 6:30 am – 7:15 am.

Hot barre is a great morning option because it’s a quick 45 minute workout that, while tough, leaves you feeling refreshed. As soon as I finish hot barre in the morning, I’m always eager to start my day. I have more energy all day long. Like many people, I have the hardest time getting up on Mondays. I find that when I make the effort to get to class before work on Monday morning, it sets the tone for a great week.


On Tuesday & Thursday we offer HOT YOGA from 6:30 am – 7:30 am

Hot Yoga is great on Tuesday and Thursday because it refocuses you amidst a stressful week. While my biggest challenge on Monday is usually getting up in the morning, after the week has started, I already feel like I need a break. Early morning hot yoga is my time to clear my head. By the time I get to work, I feel ready to focus on the big day ahead of me.


And on Friday, treat yourself to a morning off 🙂

If you haven’t before, try an early morning class at the studio. It’ll start your day out on the right foot. I promise!

Kelly Hall

Studio South Social Media Intern


  1. I am requesting this for a woman’s group that is local. Do you teach classes off site? If so what is the minimum or maximum number of people? How much for a class? How long will the class last and what are your rates? This would be specifically for chair yoga.

    1. Author

      Hi Rita,

      I’m not sure how we missed your message. Were you ever able to connect with us regarding the woman’s group that is local. We do all kinds of classes out in the community and if you are still interested please reach out to me, Katy at 757.585.1397 (my personal cell) and my email is My apologies for this seeing your message but if we can bring yoga to your community group we would love to!!

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