Real Men Do Yoga

During baseball’s off season what do players do? We have been fortunate to have two pro players spending their downtime with us at Studio South. Last week they took our Restorative yoga with our very own Katy.

Left to Right: Mark Montgomery, plays for the Yankees. Katy. Ryan Hissey, plays for the Blue Jays.

Real Men Do Yoga

Not only do professional baseball players love yoga, but these celebrities have enjoyed the many benefits of yoga.

Matthew McConaughey is not only a regular in a yoga studio, but can also be found on the beach getting in a killer yoga session. Matthew’s yoga practice is one main reason why he looks so good without a shirt on. A regular yoga practice helps keep body fat low and contributes to a lean, muscular body.

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Robert Downey Jr. wouldn’t have thought twice about yoga back in the 90s, but now the actor does yoga consistently. He has been spotted practicing yoga outside of his trailer on movie sets. It has taught him how to be fit, mellow and balanced.

So men, what are you waiting for?
We’ll see you on the mat!

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