No Matter Your Love Language, Yoga Is For You

Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? They are five ways that people express and experience love. If not, it’s worth taking a look at what love language you identify with, as well as which love language those around you do. Check out this website and discover your love language: . Once you’ve figured out your love language, keep reading for a reminder of why yoga is you showing that love language to yourself.

Words of Affirmation

During a yoga class, the instructor will give encouraging feedback, as well as sometimes saying mantras like “You are strong.” If your love language is words of affirmation, actually listen when the instructor says, say a thank you to yourself for getting yourself to your mat today. For you, those words affirming that what you’re doing is right are important.

Acts of Service

For those whose love language is acts of service, actions are what is important. The action of bringing yourself to the studio and the physical action of improving your mind and body through yoga are an act of service showing love to yourself.

Receiving Gifts

The mental and physical benefits from your practice are a gift you are giving yourself. If that’s not enough, Studio South is also a member of Perkville, so the more times you practice, the closer you get to receiving gifts from the studio 🙂

Quality Time

People who express and experience love through quality time relish undivided attention. A yoga practice is an hour (or longer) a day that you dedicate exclusively to yourself.

Physical Touch

Some people value physical touch most of all. This one may be the most obvious for yoga, but your practice improves your body from toning to flexibility through physical touch.

No matter which love language you identify with most, yoga can play a part in you expressing love for yourself.

Namaste y’all!

Kelly Hall

Studio South Social Media Guru

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