Studio South Membership

Let’s keep it simple, shall we?

3 Steps to Deciding on the Perfect Type of Membership


Jump in with our Introductory Month Challenge.

For just $49 you get unlimited classes over 30 days. Click here to purchase. Good news, your 30 days don’t start counting until you take your first class (no worries if you are buying this package at midnight on a random Tuesday … we’ve got you covered.


Make a commitment to yourself.

Come at least 3 times a week for optimal benefits. But then again some yoga is better than no yoga, so just do your best.


At the end of your month assess how much you were able to make it.

If you come 2 or more times a week, our Unlimited Monthly Membership is right for you. One time a week and our Seasonal Membership is the route you want to take. Not ready to commit and ok with paying a little more per class then the 20 Class Pass is your best bet.

Season Membership


Per Month
  • $49/month auto payment
  • perfect for the yogi who practices once a week or seasonally
  • 52 classes in one year
  • use one class a week or 52 in one week, it’s up to you!
  • this option requires an annual contract
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Other Options


1-20 classes
  • 20 Class Pass $260
    (expires in 1 year)
  • Drop In $25
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We hate to say goodbye but in the event that you are moving or need to cancel your membership the procedure is as follows:

Medical Suspensions:

We believe in the Medical community and when you doctor tells you it’s time to take a break, we absolutely agree. If your break is longer than a month, simply come by the studio (if able) or give us a call. We will work with you to suspend your membership and keep your existing rate while you heal. Medical reasons with Doctor’s recommendation are the only way to suspend a membership.

  • 1. Fill out a cancellation form at the studio. We are unable to process cancellations by email or phone.
  • 2. This cancellation is your 30 days notice. During the 30 days your payment method on file will be charged one more time and you will be able to practice until your 30 days expire.
  • 3. If you received any kind of discounted membership the rate will be discontinued. What does that mean? If you should choose to sign up again at a later date you are subject to the rate schedule in effect at that time.