Local Love – Monday, May 30, 2016

My oh my it’s the middle of May! Before we know it, it will be Memorial Day.

Don’t worry the rest of this email is not in rhyme….I’m not that good. My husband and I are currently building a house….insert plenty of discussions on earth shattering topics such as paint colors, septic systems, and all things farmhouse. Back in April we were having our initial meeting with the heating and air conditioning contractors. We were preparing to go out of town for a week and if you’ve ever built a house you automatically assume that nothing will happen when you’re out of town. Something along the lines of cats away, mice will play.

I’m happy to report that didn’t happen thanks to the gentlemen on the job, but during this one meeting prior to our trip, I was walked through the house by a gentle giant named Gabe. He took ownership in a great way of the project referring things he would or had done in his own house. He made me feel not only comfortable but also like he truly cared.

Fast forward several weeks to the morning of April 17th, when Gabe was shopping for donuts for his very pregnant wife at our local Farm Fresh right down the road. The same grocery store that myself and many members of our community visit. That morning was different though because that morning Gabe was shot randomly 5 times by another shopper.

As the weeks have gone on I’ve read more and more stories about Gabe that fit right in line with the little glimpse of his personality that I saw during our meeting. A family man, who was willing to do anything for anybody keeps coming through. Gabe served in the military and his wife still serves. He leaves behind a young daughter and within the last week his wife, Kristy has given birth to their other daughter.

The shock won’t wear off but I propose we do what we can this Memorial Day. Not only let us remember those who died serving our country in the line of duty, but to honor and remember Gabe Maness, who served our country and died randomly taking care of his family.

On Monday, May 30th from 4-6pm we will host Gabe Maness Memorial Monday.

Lululemon is coming on down from Richmond for a pop-up shop. Part of the proceeds will go directly to the Maness family. In addition between now and then we will be collecting diapers for Kristy Maness and her new baby.

On Monday (Memorial Day) afternoon we will also have a community lovingkindness/metta meditation taught by Amy Anderson at 4:30pm and a community flow class taught by Cindy Crace at the same time. Instead of payment we ask that the community consider making donations of diapers, dollars, and/or prayers for the Maness family.

We can’t change the events that happened on April 17th but we can spread the word about what a great man, father, and citizen, Gabe Maness was. Please come out and help us support this family in our community, spreading the love locally.

Sign up for the classes.

Lots of Love,
Katy & Crew

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