How intentional is your intention?

It’s that time of year again….the cool air begins to settle in….time for fires, warm coats, and toy catalogs! Do you remember the old Sears Catalog? I loved it’s arrival…with it’s heavy weight and smell of fresh paper. I would circle every thing that I thought I remotely would like to see Santa deliver come Christmas morning.

Yesterday the Target Toy Catalog arrived and my children descended on it in similar fashion. My daughter in very similar fashion to my own technique circled everything that did not move. Anything pink, purple, or girlie! My son on the other hand crossed out a ton, narrowed the field of toys down to a few, and then finally concluded that he just wanted this one particular robot. I bet you know how this story goes….he’ll get the robot. He was precise.

Intentions are very similar to the toy lists. When we are specific about our intention we are much more likely to see it come to fruition. For instance….one intention may be that we want our focus to be contentment. That’s great and can come in lots of forms but we could be more precise by saying which areas of our lives we would like to see contentment. Perhaps we would like to be content with our yoga practice or content with our relationship with food or another individual.

What is your intention? Are you circling it with a big red magic marker or flagging the entire catalog?

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