Om from Home

Why are we oming from home?

We’re disappointed COVID-19 has forced us to temporarily close our physical doors – but how amazing we can stay connected, serve you in new ways and launch our Live Om from Home Experience. Thank you for continued partnership. You working with us through this challenging time allows us to support the community and for our teachers to continue working.

How to Om from Home

First….repeat after us….I am tech savvy, I am tech savvy, I am tech savvy. We’ve been repeating this phrase daily and it seems to be helping us navigate. We’ve made it easy peasy to log in, roll out your mat and om it out.

1. Sign-up for class – Same way you always have, right here or in our app. There is no minimum registration time needed prior to class start time.

2. Book online using your normal membership or class passes.

3. Follow the instructions below on how to prepare and join your Live Stream Experience. (Download Zoom right now, don’t wait for your first class sign-up, promise it’s easier to just get that out of the way before you need it.)

How to get ready for class

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    Step 1: Get App

    Download the Zoom App and register. It’s free.You can load Zoom to either your phone or personal computer. (We suggest computer, for the larger screen, but hey, your call!) Do this Step #1 in advance of your Live Stream Experience.

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    Step 2: Class Code

    You need the 9-digit code (“meeting ID”) from the title of the class you signed up for to get into your session. Either write it down, screen shot it, or save it in your calendar.

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    Step 3: Join Class

    Open Zoom 5-10 minutes ahead of class time, have 9-digit meeting ID from class title handy, click “Join a Meeting” and input that meeting ID. We have a two infographics at the bottom of this page if you want the step-by-step.The instructor will “greet” you at check-in.Mute microphone after the quick “hiya-how-are-you,” you can also share any injury information then or with private chat button. At the bottom of your screen there’s a microphone image. Press MUTE. Otherwise the class can be disrupted with your dog, kiddos or background noise.Keep camera on. If a red line is through it, you’re not visible. Part of our Live Stream Experience includes alignment and modification feedback. We’d LOVE to see you rocking out and vibe with you.If you see quadrants of multiple screens instead of a solo screen of instructor, click “speaker view” in top right of screen. Speaker View should be the default.If you have questions after class, your instructor is available on the Live Stream Experience via Zoom for 5 minutes.

Question #1

Is the schedule I see now the only classes that will be available?


Nope, check back often. As classes fill we add more right in! More demand, more classes. We will absolutely work to accommodate all schedule preferences. We can’t wait to see you.

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Question #2

Zoom feels intimidating. I've never used it before.


You’re going to love it. Promise it’s really straightforward. BEFORE you need it, like while you’re reading this, download Zoom to your computer (suggested) or phone (works great, too). Open the Zoom app and take a look at the steps above with the app in front of you. This takes the pressure off and gives you a little familiarity before the class start time. You’ll be a pro after using it once.

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Question #3

Do I need to have props?


Nope, we tailor for no props. If you want to get creative here are some ideas:

Mat: towel, blanket

Barre: nearby wall, chair, desk, countertop, back of the couch

Weights: soup can, water bottle, wine bottle

Block: books, water bottle

Ball: pillows

Yoga strap: scarf, rolled up shirt, towel

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Question #4

What can I expect from Om at Home?

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Same great vibe, live face time with your favorite instructors and all the feels from a studio class. The instructor addresses you personally, offers demos to guide you into postures and brings their energy to your practice space. On desktop view you’ll see little thumbnails of your fellow students from the studio in class together, it’s our same community coming to you. We’re honored you’re opening your home to us. (Ps - Yes, you’ll see instructors in their home or personal practice space along the way as well. It’s authentic, raw and we’re welcoming you into our sacred spaces and vice versa.)

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What to do when something doesn't work

Send a smoke signal....kidding!
Simply email us at and we will get right back to you!

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