Five Reasons a Membership at Studio South is Worth Every Penny

1. The Best People You Will Ever Meet


At its core, the people are what make Studio South different. Studio South’s instructors and members will always greet you with a smile.Yogis preach that they are “non-judgemental” but at Studio South, we seriously mean it. Meet us at your mat as you are.

2. It Feels Like Home

Studio South is filled with pretty places and spaces and there’s no denying the down-home atmosphere. Not only is the space comfy and beautiful, it comes complete with excellent amenities. For instance, in the changing room, you never need to worry about bringing your own shampoo or conditioner. Ladies, did you forget a hair tie? We’ve got you covered. That’s what we call southern hospitality. It won’t take long before Studio South starts to feel like your home away from home.

3. You Get Yoga + Barre Classes

Variety is the spice of life. If you’ve ever taken a barre class, you know the tightness in your hips and soreness all over that you feel the next day from those awesome isometric exercises. The perfect solution: hot yoga. Studio South teaches both yoga and barre classes, allowing you the ability to alternate your practice and make the most of both.

4. Exercise Gives You Endorphins, Endorphins Make You Happy

happy hour

Have a healthier happy hour each day at Studio South. The positive energy at the studio is infectious. You’ll leave feeling better, looking better, and with a smile on your face.

5. We Care

local love

We care about our members and the local community. That’s why we aim to spread the love locally through Local Love. Local Love is a program through which Studio South gives back to the community in a number of ways. Learn more about it here:

Picking just five things that I love about Studio South was tough. Get a membership today and join the Studio South family!

Namaste y’all!

Kelly Hall
Studio South Social Media Intern

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