Exploring the Root Chakra Quiz

Curious about the chakras? Starting THIS Sunday we will begin our series Journey through the Chakra System with Jennifer White.

We will meet at Studio South from 2-5pm and learn and discover through lecture, asana practice and meditation all about encouraging balance within our root chakra. Want to get you journey started?

Take this quiz below and reflect on how your root chakra is functioning:

Please rate the following questions on a scale of 1-4

1=No/Never/Poor 2=Seldom/Fair 3=Often/Good 4=Yes/Always/Excellent

Do you consider yourself well grounded?

How often do you walk in nature?

How often do you exercise?

How would you rate your self-confidence?

Are you comfortable in your physical body?

How often are you sick?

Do you feel a sense of belonging?

How would you rate your financial stability?

How would you rate your drive or ambition?

Do you achieve the goals you set for yourself?

Total your score:

Scores of 30-40 indicate a strong root chakra.
Scores of 15-30 indicate a stable root chakra with an average balance.
Scores of 1-15 indicate a weaker root chakra.

*These scores are here to give light to your reflection on this chakra and are in no way meant to “diagnose” an individual or their chakras.

Have these questions peaked your interest? Want to learn more? Join Jennifer White over at Studio South and register for the Root Chakra Workshop today! Discounts are available to members and for a limited time coupons are located on the front desk.

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