Heated Yoga

Hot Yoga is a therapeutic sequence of postures practiced in a heated, humidity controlled room. This prevents injury, allows for deeper releases within the muscles, and detoxifies the body. In Hot Yoga, the room is intentionally heated because of the benefits that heat offers the body. Heat protects muscles as they move through their full range of motion.

Why Hot Yoga


Our custom-in-studio-developed method of Barre, called BARRE Philosophy, fuses strength training techniques from ballet with Pilates and Yoga. The high energy, low impact program works to tone, define, and chisel the whole body. And get this… you don’t need any dance experience and you certainly don’t need a partner!

Why Barre


Balance and peacefulness result from attention to breath as we move through physical “asana” yoga practice. Modifications are suggested as needed. Open to everyone with the ability to move through seated, standing, kneeling, and reclined positions unassisted. If unable to perform the above, Chair Yoga is recommended.

Why Yoga