Barre is taking the nation by storm one pulse, burn, and inch at a time. One reason Barre-bies (our affectionate name for Barre students) love the workout is because of the accessibility of the sequence. I’m all for challenging but if rhythm is required then based on genetics, I’m out. BarrePhilosophy features the upbeat music that you would see in a dance class but the coordination of a ballerina on Broadway is not required. By sticking to simple, small movements that isometrically engage the body, BarrePhilosophy burns inches, increases strength, flexibility, and confidence. There is nothing more frustrating than being overwhelmed because you can’t keep up. Barre allows you to do what you can, modify what you need to, and feel great at the end of it all! BarrePhilosophy offers a nonjudgmental atmosphere that allows you to do and feel your very best!

Namaste y’all!


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