Yoga…it does a body good, but why?

Doing anything for the first time can feel a bit like an awkward first Tinder date.

Check out the following so you can alleviate any pre-date pre-class jitters!

What to know before your first class

Hack your Hydration 

Drink up buttercup.  In all seriousness drink half your body weight in ounces of water the 24 hours prior to your first class.  All water is not created equally.  Focus on hydrating with electrolyte rich water.  An easy “hack” if you want to avoid sugary drinks and don’t have electrolyte water on hand is to add a pinch of salt (Himalayan is a favorite) and a slice of lemon to your water.  Bring a water bottle to fill up at our filtered water station before class.  We also sell water on site.


Try not to eat Thanksgiving Dinner right before class but having a little something on the belly such as a handful of almonds or banana isn’t a bad thing.

Arrive Early

  Arrive atleast 20 minutes before your first class so that we can show you around, get you set up, and you’ll have time to rest in the room and acclimate to the heat before class begins.  Moving forward plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to each class.  For the safety and sanity of our students and teachers, late arrivals are not allowed.

No Birthday Suits

  We’re not doing naked yoga….just in case you were wondering.  We do want you to be comfortable so wear breathable clothing such as athletic pants, tank tops, and tshirts.  Gentlemen will want to wear spandex under shorts.  You will not need shoes for practice so please remove before entering the practice room.  There are no perfect clothes or fancy outfits necessary, promise!

It takes time

Don’t push yourself too hard in class and don’t get frustrated as it will only limit your growth. It takes time to learn postures and get used to the heat. Enjoy the experience; it is the best way to get the full benefit of what our practice has to offer. Remember that consistent practice (aim for atleast 3 times a week) is important; you will only improve over time.

Frequenty Asked Questions


I'm a beginner, can I do Hot Yoga?


This is where the text for the back of your card should go.


How hot is HOT Yoga?


All hot yoga is not created equally.  We have invested in the most state of the art system which controls the heat, humidity, and CO2 in the room.  Our Hot Yoga classes are set at 105 degrees and 102 for Hot Flow.  While that sounds like a hot summer's day, by controlling all the factors we create a heat that is breathable, not oppressive, and very clean because all air travels through blue UV lights to kill bacteria and smells!


Can I take a break in class?


Of course!  We believe in honoring your body.  The benefits of yoga are not overnight.  Our philosophy is to provide you with a practice that encourages longevity and some days the thing you need most is to rest.  Childs pose or simply resting on your back are always available during all classes.


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Real dudes do YOGA!  We aren't kidding.  Every day more and more men are coming to the practice of yoga.  The practice of yoga was actually invented by men for men.  Go figure!


How often should I practice?


Daily practice is recommended but life often has a way of getting in the way!  For optimal effects plan to practice 3-4 times a week.


Is the heat going to make me pass out?


No, the heat is not going to make you feel light headed.  One tip is to make sure that you are breathing throughout practice.  I know it sounds silly but as human beings (betting that you are one) we often hold our breath when we are nervous or experiencing something remember to and out, rinse and repeat!